Bi-fold Doors WeatherTight™

Bifolds are a great way to extend your living space in the summer by giving you an unobstructed opening to any outdoor living and entertainment areas allowing a greater sense of indoor-outdoor living.

Where you have an uneven number of panels, it is a good idea to include a hinged door. This allows convenient exit or entry without opening up the entire Bifold.

Bifolds are available as standard or in a Inline version, which folds back flush with the exterior cladding.

WT Bifold Door

Bifold Door Configurations

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Maximum sizes for bi-fold doors vary by width, height, wind zone, and glazing requirement. Your local Bradnam's branch will be able to advise you whether a configuration is possible or contact NALCO Technical support.

As a guide, bi-fold panels up to 2.2m high by 0.85m wide are recommended.

Frame Types

  • Open in and open out frame with a 19mm facing cover and 24mm glazing pocket. Available as optional top hung or bottom rolling.
  • The inline fold back bi-fold open out option is also available (in top hung only). Note: special installation details need to be followed to use special head and jamb supports for these products to operate successfully.
  • An over light transom and heavy duty adaptor are available where over lights are required.
  • Design allows for flush sill channel systems to be used in internal settings.
  • Two frame cover extensions that increase facing cover by 21mm are available when required.

Glazing, Beads and Panel Types

  • Beaded door panels enable accurate and effective blocking of glass to avoid doors dropping.
  • Beaded standard (76mm) and wide (119) rails and beaded stiles (76mm) can be used to provide for a wide range of glazing options from 4mm to 24mm.
  • A range of 11 beads are available to accommodate glazing options from 4mm to 24mm and to provide a variety of finishing styles from sloped to square.
  • A fully flush beaded panel option for double glazing is available.
  • A French door junction is available in this range.


An Aluvent passive ventilator enables passive ventilation to be included into all bi-fold doors. Refer to the Aluvent section.



A standard range of flashings include 95mm, 84mm,71mm, 68mm, 63mm, 58mm, 53mm, 48mm, 45mm, 41mm, 38mm, 31mm, 25mm and 14mm. These have been designed to comply with E2/AS1 Amendment 6 requirements. Refer to the flashings section



Proprietary FANALCO bi-fold hinge and bi-fold roller assemblies are critical components to provide attractive visual and functional performance of doors and windows. Refer to the hardware section