Product Maintenance

Keep your joinery looking good for years to come...

Don’t you love how easily your Bradnam's windows and doors open and close? Keep them operating smoothly by performing these steps:


  • Vacuum dirt from sill and track areas regularly, and before each washing.
  • Check to make certain that drainage holes are clear of dirt or obstructions. Drainage holes can be found outside the window or door in the bottom of the frame. Use a small, soft bottlebrush to clear openings. Note: If the window is “stacked”, there may be weep holes between units.
  • Moving parts in hardware components and tracks and rollers should be lubricated regularly. In salt-air environments, this can mean at least monthly.
  • Check weatherstripping around operable window and door panels to be sure it seals evenly.
  • Adjust sliding door rollers for proper height clearances. Most door rollers can be adjusted with a screwdriver through access holes in either the end or side of the sliding panel at the bottom. Be sure to lift the panel to take the weight off of the roller during roller adjustment.
  • After making roller adjustments, it may be necessary to also make adjustments in the lock strike placement. Most strikes may be adjusted by loosening screw fasteners, moving strike plate and retightening. Check for proper lock operation.

If you require further help please contact your local Bradnam's branch on 0508 272 362 or email

Maintaining the functional performance of your hardware

  • General periodic maintenance is required on all hardware supplied such as locks, hinges, catches, closers and the like.
  • External finish of all hardware must be kept clean by removing any harmful residue (especially salt spray) from the surface using a non-abrasive cleaning agent.
  • Internal working of locks, catches etc, should be kept in good working order by applying a light spray of lubricant similar to WD40. Care should be taken to ensure that any finished surface (e.g. paint etc) in close proximity to hardware being maintained is well protected to avoid damage to the finish.

Friction stays - These may become stiff if the windows are only operated infrequently. If stiffness does occur, a light spray lubricant such as WD40 should be applied to the joints of the stays. Following application the window should be operated several times to remove stiffness. Be careful not to use too much spray lubricant.

Hinges - Regularly clean hinges and apply WD40 lubricant when necessary

Cylinders - Keys can become harder to turn as the cylinder builds up with dust & grit, WD40 can be used to lubricate cylinders or graphite powder.

Locks - WD40 can be sprayed in to the lock body to free up bolts and latches

Rollers/Wheels - Keep the track and brush piles free of debris by vacuum cleaning regularly. Apply a good quality silicone spray to the track & brush piles. Do not forget to clean out the drain holes in the lower frame

If you require further help please contact your local Bradnam's branch on 0508 272 362 or email

Maintenance of Glass

  • All glass surfaces should be kept clean by prompt removal of all dirt.
  • Clean water should be used and in some instances the additive of a small amount of mild detergent maybe of some benefit.
  • Throughly wash off any detergent residue with clean water.
  • Do not under any circumstances use any form of abrasive cleaner as this may cause damage to the glass.
  • Lightly sponge off any stubborn dirt being careful not to scratch the glass.

Maintenance of Powder Coating & Anodisied Surfaces

Powder Coating & Anodising (Cleaning and Maintenance)

On-site protection

Please note: Bradnam's do not offer plastic applied films or on site applied roll on coatings as a part of their standard product delivery and service.

Sill of doors should be taped to prevent damage when door is used as a 'walk through' during building construction.